Welcome to Trondheim International Preschool (also known as THIS Preschool). Our preschool was founded in 2004. We now have about 40 children in our preschool (3-6 years). We are located together with Trondheim International School (also known as THIS).

The Santa is visiting

It is getting closer to Christmas………; The Tiger kids and the Staff are realy enjoying themselves, and yesterday we had a visit from Santa himself . He even forgot his Nisselue in my office. I do hope we all have been … Continue reading →

Trondheim International Preschool

Trondheim International Preschool caters to both Norwegian and International families, engaging and celebrating the manifold cultures in the Trondheim area. We are dedicated to providing our students with an excellent Inquiry Based- Learning Program in combination with the Norwegian curriculum … Continue reading →

Children & Childhood

At Trondheim International Preschool the fundamental philosophy are based on a holistic and a constructivist view of children, childhood and teaching. A holistic view of the development of children is seen as a dynamic and closely interwoven interaction between their … Continue reading →

New web portal for THIS Preschool

Previously, information related to the preschool was found at the school’s web portal http://this.no/. Since November 2013 the preschool has it’s own web portal http://preschool.this.no/. The preschool hope in this way to have a better communication channel with the preschool parents. If … Continue reading →