At Trondheim International Preschool the fundamental philosophy are based on a holistic and a constructivist view of children, childhood and teaching.

A holistic view of the development of children is seen as a dynamic and closely interwoven interaction between their physical and mental circumstances and the environment in which they grow up. Children are social players who themselves contribute to their own and other children’s learning. Interaction with other people is crucial to children’s development and learning.

Childhood is a phase of life with an intrinsic value, in the same way as other phases of human life. One of the characteristics of childhood is interaction through play, which provides scope for initiative, imagination and enthusiasm.

Children wonder about things and ask questions, seek adventures and gain experience in their own learning arenas. In close interaction with their surroundings, they are active in all areas of life. The care, upbringing, play and education that children experience at a young age shape their attitudes, values and confidence in themselves and in other people, and their motivation for learning later in life.

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