Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Invitation to suggest new board members at Trondheim International Preschool.

The election committee of the preschool has started its work and we invite all parents to come forward with suggestions for new board members for THIS Barnehage. 2 board positions are up for election at the Annual General Meeting on 19th of May, 2016 . Board Members serve for 2 years. The election committee is looking for capable and motivated candidates who understand the role and responsibilities associated with board membership. Candidates who can offer prior board and/or management/employer experience will be sought. The role of a board member requires dedication, but it is a rewarding and valuable experience. The job requires understanding of economic issues, ability to gain insight into school specific legal issues, and willingness to be a team player.

Forward your suggestions to Stig Wigum, member of the election committee. E-mail: by 13th of May, 2016. The elections committee is responsible for interviewing candidates and will make suggestions to the voters at the AGM. Candidates who do not declare their intention to the committee will miss their chance to receive a committee recommendation, so we strongly encourage serious candidates to have their names submitted to the committee.

We also need 1 candidate for the election committee,

Current board and election committee members can be seen at

Elections committee

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