Trondheim international Preschool will help and support the child to be curious, creative and inquisitive, and to contribute a good and solid base for lifelong learning and education.

The children’s interests and questions, through body language, spoken language, feelings and social relations, are met by staff in a way that are healthy for the children’s learning development through both play and learning situations.

In Trondheim International Preschool we use the Inquiry Based Learning philosophy in combination to the guidelines of the Norwegian framework plan.

The inquiry based program promotes the teachers as facilitators to the children in their development as posers of questions, problems or scenarios during in the very beginning of being lifelong learners. The aim of the program is to develop internationally minded people.

The medium of instruction of the preschool is English and Norwegian. However, the children are exposed to a variety of languages and cultural experiences due to our multicultural staff and student population.

As Norway is our host country, we maintain rich Norwegian language and cultural aspect through our daily routines and celebration of events, as well as through Norwegian as a second language (for those in need).

The children become effective communicators and appreciate the diversity of traditions, cultures and languages around the world, particularly those represented in the preschool community.

Trondheim International Preschool has a unique transition from the preschool to first grade and to Trondheim International School. Being trained as inquiry learners in preschool, the children are well prepared to start first grade in an International Baccalaureate school system.