Communication, Language and text

Kindergartens shall impart values and culture, provide room for children’s own cultural creativity and help to ensure that all children experience joy and ability to cope in a social and cultural community.

(Kindergarten Act, Section 2, Content of kindergartens)

 Providing early and good linguistic stimulation is an important part of the role of Preschool. Communication takes place through interplay of receiving and interpreting messages, and sending messages oneself. At Trondheim International Preschool we use both English and Norwegian language. Verbal and non-verbal communication plays an important role in developing language skills. Varied and rich experiences in English, Norwegian and mother tongue are essential prerequisites to understanding concepts. We converse about experiences, thoughts and feelings, to develop a rich use of language. Text covers both written and oral stories, poems, rhymes, nonsense verses and song. Through work on communication, language and text, the Preschool shall facilitate the ability to listen, observe and respond to mutual interaction, and develop understanding of concept and vocabulary. We want to teach the children to express feelings, wishes and experiences. They will experience how to solve conflicts and to create positive relationships through play and social interaction.

The medium of instruction of the Preschool is English and Norwegian. They will be exposed to a variety of languages and cultural experiences due to our multicultural children and staff. The children become effective communicators and appreciate the diversity of traditions, cultures and language represented in our preschool community       

Language is personal and identity-forming, and is closely related to feelings.  The mother tongue is important to a sense of identity and achievement A highly developed mother tongue is a fundamental requirement for the subsequent development of language skills, both in terms of writing and reading comprehension. All children are entitled to a rich and varied linguistic environment. Through IB and the teaching areas the Preschool will facilitate the children to explore and develop their comprehension, language skills and a variety of communication forms. The preschool shall facilitate and help all children to use their language to form relationships, participate play and as a tool to solve conflicts, to explore and experience different written expressions as play-writing, drawing and letters, through reading and writing.



Spoken words connect us with others. We listen and speak to share thoughts and feelings, and we use both verbal and non-verbal language to communicate with each other in small or large groups.