Providing early and good linguistic stimulation is an important part of the role of Preschool. Communication takes place through interplay of receiving and interpreting messages, and sending messages oneself. Children become effective communicators and appreciate the diversity of traditions, cultures and languages around the world, particularly those represented in the preschool community. At Trondheim International Preschool we use both English and Norwegian language.Children are exposed to a variety of languages experiences due to our multicultural staff and student population. Both verbal and nonverbal communication plays an important role in developing language skills. Varied and rich experiences in English, Norwegian and mother tongue are essential prerequisites to understanding concepts. It is important to converse about experiences, thoughts and feelings, in order to develop a rich use of language.In Preschool we have English and Norwegian Groups for those who need extra support. We aim for the children to be at a satisfied language level when transferring to school. We use only quality and well documented learning programs at Trondheim International Preschool.Text covers both written and oral stories, poems rhymes, nonsense verses and songs. Through work on communication, language and text, the Preschool shall help the children to listen, observe and respond to mutual interaction. Develop understanding of concept and vocabulary. We want to teach them to express feelings, wishes and experiences. The Preschool wants the children to solve conflicts and to create positive relationships through play and other social interaction. The Preschool wants to let the children get to know about sounds and rhythm in the language and become familiar with symbols such as numbers and letters. We want the children to become familiar with books, songs, pictures and media etc.

Preschool Staff are role models to the children for how to listen and to respond constructively, and to use body language, speech and text.Staff promote trust between children and between children and staff so the children enjoy communication and feel confident of using different types of language in their daily life. Preschool staff encourage children with bi- and multi language background to use their languages, while helping them to gain experience that build up their conceptual understanding and vocabulary in both English and Norwegian.