Trondheim International Preschool caters to both Norwegian and International families, engaging and celebrating the manifold cultures in the Trondheim area. We are dedicated to providing our students with an excellent Inquiry Based- Learning Program in combination with the Norwegian curriculum (Rammeplan). Trondheim International Preschool is a bilingual preschool where both the English and Norwegian language is used.

Trondheim International Preschool seeks to develop the potential of our students in an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect and good will.  We strive to foster a love of learning, and an awareness of the value each person has to society.

We seek not only to prepare our children for future success, but to guide them to live as caring, responsible and contributing citizens in the global community of tomorrow.

The Preschool strives to ensure that each child receives good development and activities in relation to their individual child’s personalities, and in close collaboration with the children’s home. Friendship and respect are very important to us at Trondheim International Preschool. We want the children to form friendships and learn respect for their own and other cultures by developing understanding and acceptance.

The Preschool strives to offer a healthy environment, by providing well-balanced, nutritional meals, and promoting healthy eating habitats.  You will find further information on these focus areas in our guidelines.  We hope that you will help us in respecting these guidelines.

The Preschool hour of operation are from 7:30-16:30 each day, and follows the school calendar for Christmas and Easter closings.