Sick Children

During a year in the preschool, you will probably experience that your child will be sick sometimes. The question will often be:

 “Is my child healthy enough to stay in preschool with other children?”

You parents are the experts on your child and often knows best when your child is healthy enough to come back to the preschool. If you feel unsecure, please do not hesitate to ask any of the preschool staff for advice.

Remember that condition like for example head lice, and easy spread virus and bacteria like for example eye infections, diarrhea and vomit demands treatment and/ or extra time home before coming back to preschool. This is to avoid spreading to other children in the preschool.

“A golden rule”:

A child who is healthy enough to come to preschool, is healthy enough to take part in everyday life and activities inside and outside the preschool.

If your child needs medical treatment in the preschool, a medical treatment plan needs to be made for the preschool staff to follow. Please contact the Pedagogic Leader and Manager for more information


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